Frequently Asked Questions

Here I hope to answer some of the most common questions people have about buying my masks and artwork.

How soon can you deliver?
This depends on where you are and which mask you want. Whilst I keep a small selection of masks in stock, most are made to order. I hope the following guidelines help:
  • UK Deliveries: Please allow at least 5 days for delivery.
  • Overseas Deliveries: Times varies by location, so please contact me before purchasing. Please allow at least a week.
  • "Made To Order" masks and customisations – please double the delivery time estimates.
  • Large or complex "Made To Order"/customised masks (listed at £100 or more) – please contact me to check before purchasing.
  • Bespoke Masquerade Masks – please see my page on Commissions and contact me to check before purchasing.
I love mask X, but I'd like it decorated in a different way – can you do that for me?
Yes! Because I make all my masks by hand, I can easily finish them in different ways. Complex designs will add to the finishing time and cost, though - let me know what you want, and I'll be happy to provide a quote.
I love mask X, but I need it re-shaped slightly – is that possible?
Probably, though this really does depend on the mask. I make moulds for most of my papier mâché masks, so their shape is fairly fixed – unless you're happy to commission a custom sculpt. Leather masks are generally easier to adjust, though papier mâché is better for detailed moulding. Let me know what you need, and I'll suggest some options.
I've seen a mask in a film/comic etc. that I simply must have – can you make it for me?
If you can get the copyright owner to write to me granting permission to do this, and if it can be made in the materials I work with (many film masks are cast in latex, neoprene and other substances that just don't work like leather or papier mâché), then I'll be happy to provide a quote. Otherwise, please don't ask me to infringe another artist's copyright. Webutation