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January 22, 2008

Masks for Venice, and other New Year projects..

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Well, the new year started with a wonderful commission – I was approached to make two masks to be worn at the carnival in Venice. The project – an oriental gentleman and a character from the Beijing opera, posed quite a challenge; one of the masks had to have a mandarin style beard! It took some working out, but I eventually devised a way of attaching the beard and weaving it securely into the papier-mache without getting it covered in glue. This photo (click for a larger view) is of the completed masks before ribbons were attached, and I hope to have costume pictures from Venice very soon.

Oriental Style Masks

I’m really pleased with the finished masks. What a great show of faith in my abilities, and what a great boost to my confidence – to have supplied masks for Venice!

This commission has fired my enthusiasm for papier-mache once again, and I’ve been exploring a few new ideas for decoration and experimenting with crackle-glazes and darker themes, inspired by antique dolls. I have also added quite a few new leather masks to my range – check out my sales page to see what’s available.
This year I also want to do more painting and drawing. I miss my watercolours. That said – I have recently bought Painter X and am happily experimenting with it. The real-bristle brushes are fantastic!
Watch out for updates over the next few weeks.