Xothique Designs
Handmade Masquerade Masks

Welcome to Xothique Designs, the masquerade mask shop and gallery of Welsh mask maker Helen Rich. If you are looking for unique party, theatre and masquerade masks hand-crafted by a skilled artisan in Wales, UK, you are in the right place. Click on the images above to explore Helen's exotic gothic world of magic and masquerade.

Exclusive Masquerade Masks Handmade In Wales, UK

Every one of Xothique Designs' masquerade masks is entirely hand crafted in Wales by experienced UK mask maker Helen Rich. You will find no cheap plastic or card masks built on ready-made, mass-produced mask forms here.

Helen has been making masquerade masks in leather and papier mâché using traditional techniques for more than ten years. Her styles range from traditional theatre, costume and masquerade ball masks inspired by the Venetian Carnevale, to more exotic gothic and fantasy masks popular at Halloween and Faerie-themed masquerade ball events. Her work has been featured on stages in the UK and USA, in a professional UK rock video, and in numerous LARP Live-Action Role Playing (improvisational theatre) events.

Xothique's Masquerade Mask Shop

Helen keeps a small selection of leather and papier mâché masquerade masks in stock, though most are made to order and can be decorated to meet your requirements. Some of the alternate styles for each mask can be seen in her shop — if you can't see exactly what you want, please get in touch. You can buy these masquerade masks direct from the Xothique Designs Mask Shop.

Buying Artisan Masks

When ordering masks, please allow five working days for deliveries in the UK, and at least 14 days for 'made to order' masks. Shipping masks globally can easily add a week or more to these delivery times. If you are buying masks for a specific masquerade ball, party, masked stage production or other costume event, please ask for an estimated delivery date and place your order in good time.

Commissioning Unique Masquerade Masks

Many of Helen's masquerade masks are bespoke commissions, such as the popular Welsh Red Dragon mask and the White Rabbit (aka 'Necro-bunny') mask. Masks like these are truly unique — similar mouldings can be created, but no two masks will ever be identical.

If you have a specific idea for a bespoke masquerade mask design, please see How To Commission Unique Masquerade Ball Masks, and get in touch to discuss your requirements. Designing, sculpting and finishing a truly unique hand-made mask takes longer than making minor adjustments to existing designs — especially for papier mâché masks, which usually require the casting of new moulds. Please allow at least 28 days for delivery of unique mask commissions, or more for large or complex masks.

Wait — Xoth-what? What's A "Xothique"?

Xothique. Pronounced "Zothique" ("zoth-eek"). It's a name from the exotic gothic tales of Clark Ashton Smith that I've used on the web since I first set up an online art gallery in 1999.